Intuitive Tarot Readings – San Francisco – 415 267-3970

I believe that each of us comes into life with a gorgeous gift, the ability to learn, and the responsibility to leave the world better than we found it. Intuitive Tarot Readings give me the opportunity to uphold the gifts in others and to assist them on their path of self-discovery.

Every Reading is unique. While I am Reading, it is my intention to communicate information that will support, nourish, and stabilize each person I have the honor to sit across the table from. I have clear vision, and use the cards as doorways to the truth about your life.

All Readings reflect the present. I may project a future based on what is happening for you now, but the future is always up to you.

Intuitive Tarot Reading Prayer: Open yourself to receiving what’s most helpful and healing for you now, in the present, in the highest vibration of love and light.


Jeannie Zukav