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Astrology: Birth, Cycles, and the Cosmic Dance

Being born on earth is a miraculous event. So many things have to line up and go right. A seed cracks open, sends roots down into the ground, sends a sprout up to collect sunlight, and a tree is born. Two cells unite, divide, multiply, and when the time is right, a child is born.

Meanwhile, out in space, cosmic chemistry is creating planets, igniting stars, and setting galaxies in motion…

Expanding and contracting, transforming and changing, the planets-including earth, the stars, galaxies, moons, and astroids… all have unique cycles. Yet, somehow there is balance, as they embody their part in the spectacular cosmic dance.

From our earthly perspective, it’s easy to think we are separate from them. But we are all connected to all of universal nature.

We are living on a planet, traveling through space, and everything is connected. Everywhere we look we see familiar patterns and cycles…as above so below, the macro pattern is also found in the micro pattern, in space and here on earth. A galaxy spirals out. A star is born. A child is born. Birth marks one part of ever changing and transforming cycles. All parts of a cycle are equally needed. Beginnings eventually lead to endings that lead to new beginnings. We are intertwined. We are one.

What’s an Intuitive Astrology Reading?

Intuition is natural. We connect to Intuition through the universal nature of Oneness. Everything is connected to everything! Intuition encompasses all of our senses and is at the center of our ability to survive and thrive. Intuition is pure awareness moving freely, unbound by time or distance. Intuition informs us of who we are, how we are, and where we are on our cosmic earthly lifecycle.

Planet & Node Glyphs

Astrology has it’s own Symbolism. Symbolism has been a visual means of transmitting life lessons since ancient times. Astrological symbols, called glyphs, represent the presence and movement of natural forces from the cosmos to earth. Like universal storytellers, astrological symbols show us the essence of who we are, how we are, and how our life fits into our earthly dance.

Natal-Chart Astrology Readings: There are many kinds of Astrological Readings. I choose to provide Natal-Chart Readings because they show the cosmic patterns present at the moment of your first breath. Your Natal-Chart, also called a Birth-Chart, is calculated using the exact time, date, and location of your birth. Seeing your Natal-Chart is like seeing a snap shot of what was happening in space the moment you were born.

Your Intuitive Astrology Reading: I Read using both my Intuitive skills and my knowledge of Universal Astrology symbolism and patterns. Intuition opens up the Reading and allows me to see your chart as a whole. I’ve been an Intuitive Reader since 1989, and am always amazed by the elegance and balance found in the chart patterns of my clients.

What Happens During a Natal Astrology Chart Reading?

A Blank Astrology Chart
Divided into 12 Houses

Individuals and Couples can receive Intuitive Natal-Astrology Readings. Readings last 2-hours or more per person. I also recommend that parents to get Natal-Charts for their newborns and children.

As your Intuitive Astrologer,
I will blend my Intuition with my awareness of Universal Astrology symbolism to illuminate the wisdom of your cosmic template…your natal-chart.

Your chart, which is shaped like a circle, is divided into twelve sections called houses. Each house within the circle represents a different area of life experience. The unique placement of the sun, moon, planets, astroids, and fixed stars, in your natal-chart reveals your innate visions, gifts, environment, and the life-path you can create when you are being true to yourself. Your chart shows where you flow and things are easy, and where decisions need to be made to keep things flowing. Your chart provides a detailed and precise description of how to best use your energies during your lifetime. I will combine the wisdom of all the individual components to give you a complete picture of what your chart is saying as a whole.

You know your Sun-Sign, but what if you knew where the moon and all the rest of the planets, astroids, and stars where when you were born? What if you knew what they are saying individually and as a whole? Your birth-chart clearly shows what your life-path can be when you are being the real you. In other words, once you understand all the nuances of how your energy works, and the most natural way to use it…you can live authentically. Understanding who you are, and how you can best support yourself in relationships and work gives you a foundation to make decisions from. Astrology Readings are not predictive. Choice is always yours. It’s my hope that knowledge gained from understanding your Astrology Chart will support you in making the best life-path choices, choices that support self-understanding and acceptance, growth, and the freedom to shine all your natural gifts into the world.

How Am I Different than Many Astrologers?

Most Astrologers focus on stories emanating from ancient Greece. I’ve found that those stories don’t always contain complete lessons of the natural world. Rather than carry on stories that are not universal and inclusive of all of life experiences, I choose to expand and go deeper into universal nature-based lessons. My Astrology Readings, like my Intuitive Tarot Readings, are love-based, empathetic, and seek to uphold the unique living spirit that is YOU!