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Compassion and healing is what drives Jeannie’s work as an intuitive tarot reader. She has guided me through many difficult decisions and showed me how to turn adversities into life lessons. I find her to not only be reliable and helpful, but also extremely patient and understanding. If you are looking for guidance or insight into your life situation, Jeannie cares and will make a big difference for the better!

Alisha Trimble, New York, NY
Fashion Designer

Jeannie was my first step into a spiritual path.  And I can’t even begin to tell you how I’ve grown since then.  The people I have met, the things that the universe has put into my life, the places that I have gone…Jeannie, I can’t even describe the amazing journey my life has been taking.  It is beautiful and I can’t help but feel honored to have this.  And you know what, it all started in your apartment when you asked the small group of us ladies to listen to our intuition.  Read Tarot cards.  Feel the universe.  My heart and soul will always be grateful to you.

Suzzane H., Hawaii

I had first met Jeannie at a fundraising event at a private home many years ago. The line was long to spend time with her but I was so intrigued I waited for my turn. It was my first tarot reading and I thought it was really cool and very interesting. We connected easily and the things she said really blew me away. In 2017, I hired Jeannie to do readings at a party at my house. Again, she and I connected very well and all of my guests were raving about their wonderful experience with her.

This past NYE I reached out to Jeannie again, hoping to hire her for a small gathering of close friends. I learned that it would be over Zoom and initially was concerned but went ahead with the plan anyway. Let me tell you that being over Zoom was absolutely no issue at all! I still felt the same wonderful connection to Jeannie and she felt me too.

She is clearly gifted and talented and very well versed in the cards and their meanings. Her ability to connect the cards to each other and to the receiver is nothing short of astonishing. I had several guests feel quite emotional about their time with Jeannie and said it was incredibly cleansing. Particularly nice since we were all kicking off a new (hopefully better) year together. If you are considering working with Jeannie, just DO IT! You won’t regret it. She’s kind, personable, gifted and an excellent intuit. I have a friend for life in her. Lucky me!!

Cheri Jaunich, CA

I have been taking tarot classes from Jeannie for approximately six months. I highly respect her deep knowledge of the tarot, and recommend her highly. It takes a great deal of patience, dedication and practice to learn the tarot. Jeannie has always gone beyond the scheduled time frame of our sessions. She is patient, nonjudgmental, and very wise. The more Jeannie has taught me, the deeper I have wanted to go. I have learned from Jeannie that the tarot is not a fortune teller. The wisdom of the deck shows one’s deepest and instinctive knowledge, often (if not always) forcing one to confront forces that one would prefer not to see. I am an attorney, and find that my work with the tarot deeply benefits balancing the difficulties of the kind of work I do, bringing me much peace and helping me to intuitively work with my clients, combining both the practical in my life with the wisdom imparted by the cards. Highly recommended. Don’t go if you want answers to the future. Do go if you need to understand the underlying forces that cause events to occur, obtain clarity, be open to change patterns, and listen to one’s internal wisdom.

Hedi F., San Francisco, CA

I had the great fortune to stumble up on Jeannie during my travels in San Francisco few years ago. In her warm and beautiful home she delivered a reading with professionalism and deep insight. It was wonderful to experience how Jeannie works with her cards, which see clearly has a long and personal relationship with. Her intuition was spot on and honest. Not telling me what I want to hear but what I need to hear. Jeannie is empathetic and warm, I felt safe and guided during the reading. I warmly recommend Jeannie ❤

Brynja – Copenhagen

Jeannie offers insights beyond the typical tarot card reading. She helped me to find my path and my voice through her readings. I’ve brought several people to her over the years because I believe she can help them too. She is gifted.

Charlyn Villegas, San Jose, CA

I was lucky enough to study tarot with Jeannie. She has opened my heart and nurtured my intuition. I have had many ‘aha’ moments through our work; leading to a better understanding of myself and my abilities.

Jeannie is a compassionate and warm woman. I felt that she approached every session with an open mind and applied her deep knowledge and intuition to the situation at hand. I always left the sessions feeling positive and empowered.

I’m looking forward to many more wonderful sessions 🙂 I highly recommend Jeannie!

Sunny M., San Francisco, CA

Wow! Super amazed at my reading with Jeannie. I am still processing the amazing insight I received last week and so happy that it touched me in such a heartfelt way. Jeannie is lovely, relaxed, wise and creates a comfortable space both energetically and spatially. I am familiar with different styles of readings, am an intuitive and love getting readings from other practitioners. I have been dealing with a consistent issue for 2-3 years and I have received the most tangible insight from Jeannie. THANK YOU! Highly recommended.

Chase C., New York, New York

Thank you so much for the reading it was lovely speaking with you. Yesterday, you really helped put things into perspective, I went to bed feeling at ease for the first time in a long time. I also wanted to thank you for sharing your personal experiences with me. I admire the way you have healed from those experiences, it gave me hope and I hope I can get there soon! 🙂 I will reach out again soon! 🙂

Annadean Findlay, San Francisco, CA

Jeannie, I can’t thank you enough for the light and love that you shed on my current situation. Will keep your insight and guidance with me whenever I feel off-center. I’m so glad people like you exist and fate led me to you! Till our next reading 😉

Madelaine E., Daly City, CA

Jeannie is an amazing tarot card reader. My experience with her has been unparalleled. In our sessions she is fully present and insightful. Her experience and her gifts clearly shine through while always remaining fully tuned in to me. In addition to the new perspectives I gain from her I always feel, supported and cared for. If you are looking for a caring, authentic, experienced reader, Jeannie is the real deal.

Gina Gonzalez Schanel, Hood River, OR

I have had Incredibly powerful readings by Jeannie – they are full of wisdom & gifts- she says exactly the things I need to hear at any given moment. Her overview of the overall message layed out thru the cards is incredible as her ability to spell things out for you. I highly recommend her!

Nancy Charraga Corlay, San Francisco, CA

I feel so fortunate to have met Jeannie. Her professional and warm approach to teaching the Tarot is wonderful. Her past experiences as an educator allows her to present the material in a way that is thorough and engaging. Her intuitive skills are not just outstanding as a reader, but as a teacher as well. It is rare to find a teacher/guide that empowers and informs at the same time. Jeannie does this consistently and with great ease.

Each student brings different strengths and needs to the table which must be fully worked with in order for them to become knowledgeable, ethical and compassionate readers. I worked with Jeannie for 13 weeks and not only did she set me on the path to becoming an intuitive reader, but it was also a lot of fun. She will tap into your unique learning style and create a process for you that is fun, challenging and creative. Whether you want to become an intuitive reader at some point in time or are simply curious about Tarot, I highly recommend that you call Jeannie, get more information about her class availability, etc. and then sign up. This is a wonderful investment in yourself professionally and personally.

If you prefer to receive readings from Jeannie instead of classes again I cannot recommend her highly enough, but I would not be surprised if you want to learn more after you experience a reading with her!

Kathy Goodwin, Rockville, Maryland

Jeannie is a highly respected professional reader who shows a sincere interest in her clients and their spiritual well being. She is a trusted counselor and an inspiring teacher. I have recommended her to friends, co-workers and family. She approaches every issue with love and healing energy. You won’t be disappointed!

Lisa Z., San Ramon, CA

Jeannie is a life saver. I went to go see her today feeling stuck and unable to cope with the next steps to take in order to repair the my relationship with my bf during our ongoing relationship crisis.

I went in crying and having no control of the situation to leaving with a positive game plan to heal us.

Jeannie is so intuitive and pinpointed the problem that I was feeling in my gut all along but felt like I was going crazy. I had talked to friends and family about the issue but felt like not many people really understood and just told me to move on.

I knew that I was carrying all of the weight of the issue on me and it wasn’t fair.

I would highly recommend going to see Jeannie if you have a serious life issue that you feel stuck in.

Jeannie really understands and is super non judgmental. She talked with me far over the time scheduled and she made sure I left with a clear vision of what to do next.


Michelle J., San Francisco, CA

Ms. Jeannie is the real deal. Her warmth and kindness is inescapable. Her tarot readings are honest and profound as are her classes. It is a joy and privilege to be in her presence. I hope to take more of her classes in the future and recommend her to anyone and everyone!

I am very lucky to have found her!

Jeannie used to do readings at a trendy boutique hotel in union sq, I watched her give readings for about 4 months on a weekly basis and after seeing how thrilled all her clients were I decided to give her a try. I was very skeptical in regards to tarot readings but Jeannie hit all my issues and strengths right on! She is very giving with information and does not hold back for the sake of making a few extra bucks. I have seen Jeannie build strong loyal client relationships. I honestly feel Jeannie does this for the sake of helping people rather than for profit. There is a wonderful energy that surrounds Jeannie. I have recommended her to all my friends and family members and they as well feel she is a true treasure.

Kailea, San Francisco, CA

Well, she just nailed it, in a little-hairs-on-the-back-of-your-neck-standing-up kind of way. Except it wasn’t at all scary. Quite the opposite actually, Jeannie’s got this wonderful disarming warmth combined with a hilariously down to earth sense of humor that allows her to tell you some, if necessary, hard things about your situation. But without shell shock.

Somehow soothing, knowing what you’re dealing with. And Jeannie will give you the skinny.

After my reading, which involved (and advised about) another person, I actually bought a session for that person who I later learned received the same exact advice regarding me in their cards.

We didn’t heed the advice, for as long as we could, yet eventually would end up coming to the inevitable conclusion double-read by Jeannie’s cards.

That girl knows what’s up. The question is: Are you ready to?

Keef Ward, San Francisco, CA
Graphic Designer

Jeannie is one of my greatest mentors, teachers and counselors. She always receives me with so much love and care. She sees right through me and always has the best insights. I highly recommend her.

Valerie Fortin, Astrologer

Jeannie is an amazing teacher and card reader. Her intuition is very keen, her way with words is exceptional and specific. She is the only reader I recommend without reservation. Go to her!

Ben Bachmann, San Francisco, CA

I just wanted to thank you again for the reading this afternoon. It was really the connection I’ve been seeking with someone who can really help guide me in learning. I look forward to more sessions with you in the future!

Corinne Smith, San Francisco, CA

I had the good fortune to meet with Jeannie concerning a very difficult relationship problem. I was initially struck by how calm and inviting Jeannie’s presence was — I felt instantly welcomed by her and at ease in her home.

The reading was very powerful. Specific obstacles in me were identified that I had been neglecting or shirking my whole life. What the Tarot reading revealed was a very specific solution to my dilemma that’s been of lasting use. Later that week an opportunity arose that had been predicted/recommended by the cards that undeniably tells me that higher forces were at work through Jeannie. It was very moving! I plan to see her again.


Tony P., San Francisco, CA
ER Nurse

I met Jeannie for a reading 5 years ago while on a business trip to San Francisco…I still remember my reading 5 years later. It was awesome. The first card I picked was the Cosmic Egg – the card of total transformation – and indeed it has been…Loved every minute of the experience from the warm welcome to the laughters during the reading. So glad I met you. Namaste

Thierry Giunta, London, United Kingdom
Physical Fitness Trainer

I took a 13-week Intuitive Tarot Reading course with Jeannie and it proved to be an incredibly powerful journey for me. I find myself connecting so many of my discoveries with the learning I have done through this course, and I am continually finding ways to be grateful for this experience. Jeannie is a wise being who strives to nurture others through her intuitive guidance. She has been a light in my life. If you are ready and willing to open yourself to her insight she will also help illuminate yours.

Katie N., San Francisco, CA
Art Teacher

My husband and I recently married, and went to see Jeannie for our first couples reading. We are no strangers to Jeannie’s worldly, wise and incredibly intuitive sense, since we both have seen her on an individual basis. She is a great guide and teacher who always sees the big picture. Her graceful, unwavering approach in addressing conflict areas gives you the space you need to see the big picture, if you have drifted from its view.

For individuals and couples or friends alike, I would recommend Jeannie without reservation. Her abilities are a gift for your receiving.

Inke Noel, San Francisco, CA
Graphic Designer

Jeannie has a soft-spoken voice that reflects her gentle spirit. This is so calming to me when we meet. When I have issues of concern and feel stressed out she will evaluate that concern and any surrounding or possible underlying issues. She is attentive to me, which is very comforting. I feel she has helped in clarifying and assessing my situations at hand. She has helped me to find my voice in which to deal and decompress as well as reflect. It has opened my mind to understand and handle myself better and those around me. Her insightful awareness has shown me the strengths of my own intuitive powers and to recognize them as real, because when you feel it you know it!

Thank You Jeannie…

Jean Frank, Frederick, Maryland

Jeannie, everyone raved about you and your group and hopes that you will do it again next year. I just wanted to thank you again for going to the trouble to get people out there in the middle of the night.

Linda P., Albany, CA
Albany High School Graduation Party

Jeannie is an amazing reader!! Her readings are very insightful. She will connect with the deep energies that are either blocking or transforming your life and she will put you on the right path for ultimate re-connection with yourself.

She has definite life coaching approaches and Tarot is a medium at which she excels.

Arnaud D., Sunnyvale, CA

Jeannie, I want to thank you again for the amazing reading with you yesterday. It’s given me hope, makes me realize my past is truly behind me. While I am still feeling the sting of the end of companionship with (name withheld) I am realizing that it was my best decision for moving forward with my life. I can’t wait to do another reading and see what else is brewing, my daughter is looking forward to it too – the other two will probably want to do the same.

Thanks again so much.

Mary Anne B., San Mateo, CA

Thank you for your amazing reading . Always right on the mark.
You have helped guide me through some tough times and your inspiration and insight was always right. I highly recommend a reading and teachings Jeannie has to offer.
Thank you for your time and healing words 🙏❤️

Jacqueline Plattner, Florida

Jeannie Zukav is an expert tarot reader who brings a number of layers of depth of knowledge, insight and wisdom to her readings. She is also an excellent teacher of tarot. I took a class with her several years ago, which was foundational to my education in the tarot (no book could do justice to her personal knowledge and style). Jeannie is also a very loving, sweet and creative woman who makes you feel safe and welcome in her home.

Jeannie’s tarot class changed my life. I learned so much and was so entranced by the tarot that I now will use tarot for myself and others for the rest of my life. The combination of Jeannie’s strong knowledge base, excellent teaching skills, and warm demeanor made the complicated and numerous lessons of the tarot much easier to understand. I highly recommend her class.

Gail S., Oakland, CA

Jeannie gives kind, thoughtful, and insightful advice that comes through in the readings. I think if you are self-aware, it’s a nice affirmation of what you already know is going on or what needs to happen. if you maybe are in a little denial (who? me?) it is a kick in the pants… and I mean that in the nicest way. everybody needs a nudge now and then, for their higher good.

you won’t regret a visit to her light filled oasis for a little reality check.

J. Opfer, San Francisco, CA
Jewelry Designer

What a treat it is to have Jeannie work with me. She knows things about me and my life that I haven’t even come to terms with yet myself. She really listens to what I have to say and she always puts things into proper perspective. I always feel relieved and much more settled after we meet.

It is very comforting to have someone like Jeannie there for me and I know that she is always there in full with her whole heart, mind and spirit. She fulfills the needs that I have especially when I am dealing with a difficult situation. I found her services invaluable when my husband went missing over a year ago. She was right there with me in spirit and guiding me and comforting me and reassuring me. The incredible thing is that she could see where he was and it turned out that she was right.

I want to recommend Jeannie to anyone who wants some help or needs to have someone with far reaching insight to put them on the correct path. Jeannie can do this.

Elaine Campion, Silver Spring, MD

This woman is nothing short of amazing. She makes no claims to know names or faces as I have experienced with “entertainment tarot readings”, which was a welcomed relief. Everything she said to me about my life was spot on from the moment I stepped into the room. And I’m not talking about vague “you will marry for love” type statements, but hugely specific aspects of my life.

She told me exactly what I did not want to hear and exactly what I needed to hear. As the reading was not all positive, it was clear that she was pained by the things that she said. But months of my friends (and myself) saying the same things could not have brought about as much clarity as 1 hour with her did.

She is truly gifted, and her reading was worth every penny and then some. I will be sending all of my friends to her.

Jen R., San Francisco, CA

I had a great experience when I got a reading. Her place is very welcoming and peaceful. She gave me some good insight and useful interpretation of my chart.

Giamma C., San Francisco, CA

Sincere, ethical, genuine, compassionate and real, those are only a few of the qualities you sense with Jeannie as she reveals the information given to her in her readings with you. Her insightful and magnificent way of communication in clear formative language assists in understanding the revelations at hand. She connects with her heart to create an experience to empower you and grow with. Truly inspirational readings and something not to miss out on in your life.

Jeannette Oliver, Queensland, Aus
Organic Farming Research

I have been taking Tarot classes from Jeannie for about 6 months now, and although I have had to take a break to get ready for a year of travel, I intend to continue my classes on Skype as soon as I am able. Getting to know and learn about the tarot from someone as knowledgeable, kind and intuitive as Jeannie has been an incredible gift. Weaving in aspects of numerology, astrology and a deep understanding of a variety of Tarot decks, Jeannie has designed a unique (and brilliant!) course of study that connects cosmic and earthly cycles with the cards and the archetypes and lessons they represent in the human experience. She is a born teacher with an amazing ability to convey the essence of the cards in a way that is completely accessible, even to someone with no prior experience (as was the case for me).

During a period in my life when time was at a premium and the commute to Jeannie’s house was significant, I never even considered missing a class. Not only did I love learning from someone who made the cards come alive the way Jeannie does, but I loved the grounded, peaceful respite she always provided. She has forever changed the lens through which I view my experiences and I can’t think of a way to have a more profound or permanent impact on someone. I have truly missed my time with her each week. Thanks to the internet and the fact that Jeannie’s depth and breadth of knowledge could support a lifetime of study, I won’t be missing her for long!

Christy P., Bristol, RI

Jeannie is a sweetie. She’s got this extremely feminine kind of wisdom thing going on that’s part earth mother, part sorceress, part siren. The combo is unbeatable. She knows what she’s doing with those cards, and her interpretation is always down-to-earth, savvy, and helpful.

Laura K., Oakland, CA

I was very skeptical about tarot card readers, but Jeannie opened up my eyes on what is possible with my relationships, career, and personal issues. She is very detailed and clear about her readings and she is dead on with the present issue at hand. I definitely recommend her.

Errol Ferria, San Francisco, CA
Massage Therapist

Jeannie was an inspiration for me and my sister, we decided to have a session together, and she was able to understand and give us the space that we needed at that time to clarify our present and to understand our feelings.

English is our second language and for me and my sister Jeannie was sensitive and open to understand our culture and background. I highly recommend her and I will have more sessions with her knowing her high level of cultural sensitivity.

Laura S., Daly City, CA

Jeannie Zukav has an amazing gift of clarity. With her depth of life experience and super human intuition, she is a most valuable resource for anyone looking for answers. Over the last few years, every aspect of my life has benefited from her advice.

Bob Payne, Anaheim, CA
Graphic Designer

I have had a number of psychic readings in San Francisco but have found that Jeannie Zukav seems to clarify what is of deepest concern to me – I have felt complete confidence with her consultations and recommend her without qualification.

Brenda Joyce, San Francisco, CA

Jeannie’s readings have confirmed and validated many of the messages I receive from spirit. Her insights into my life are uncanny. She’s helped me on a spiritual as well as personal level. Her ability to clearly explain what she sees sets her apart from others. The things that she knows about my life, validates to me her gifts. Her insights into my future, which have come to pass, confirm it. Mahalo nui loa. Keep up the good work.

Kano’a O’Kalani, Oahu, HI
Native Hawaiian Healer

The best! I am in a class with Jeannie and am loving every single minute of it. I am amazed at the world from a new light. She is teaching me so much about tarot, and the rich world of symbolism as well as reading the signs (details) in front of you. I treasure this woman on so many levels. I think what I love the most is her true meditative nature. I knew right away that she meditated and yup, she confirmed it. Jeannie lives very much in the present moment. I feel incredibly blessed to know and get to work with Jeannie. I highly recommend going to Jeannie..no doubt!

Kristy B., Alamo, CA
Skype Student

Jeannie was incredibly knowledgeable and experienced — and was very good at sharing her wisdom with all of us.

Jeannie did a great job at teaching us how to use both our hearts and heads when learning and reading tarot.

Jeannie’s class unexpectedly touched all aspects of my life in a spiritually rich way.

Itzel I., San Francisco, CA

Jeannie’s Tarot classes combine metaphysics, nature, math and physics all into one universal experience. I recommend her highly to anyone who wants to get a reading or learn how to read tarot cards.

Dennis, Mountain View, CA
IT Technology

I highly recommend Jeannie. I feel a very solid connection with her and I believe she has a special gift. She is highly organized and dedicated to her work. She is very knowledgeable and personable too.

Whenever I am able to connect with her during visits to San Francisco, I will.

Carol Cassidy, Ukiah, CA

Jeannie’s work is a great way to learn the tarot. She brings a highly personalized, relaxed teaching method to everything she knows. If you want a Spirit-based introduction to the tarot you can’t go wrong with Jeannie.

Mike Hill, San Francisco, CA

Through her free flow method, philosophical and intuitive know-how, she emboldened me to take some confident steps at the most difficult crossroad of my adult life thus far. I owe Jeannie an immense debt of gratitude for my personal victories since and for the ones still to come. Thanks, Jeannie.

Nick P., Anaheim, CA

*A Note to Those Who Wrote Testimonials in My Behalf:

Thank you for taking the time to write about our work together. Your words fill my heart and encourage me to continue on the healing path of Intuition and Tarot Symbolism.

With Gratitude and Love,
Jeannie Zukav